Language Arts and Phonics

Spector Phonics: Spector Phonics is an Orton-Gillingham based total language program that encompasses reading, writing and spelling. The program was developed by Leona Spector, who is a nationally known educator and has been a reading specialist for over sixty years. The Spector Phonics program has been successfully used in many states around the country by directly addressing deficits in comprehension and decoding, as well as other language skills. This program, along with our small classes, allows the Academy to individualize and effectively educate children for whom reading has long been problematic. Our students often make great gains in decoding and comprehension skills within a single academic year.

Literature and Language Arts: Students must take four years of literature or another English class at the high school level. We offer courses at all grade levels ranging from remedial reading and writing to Literature and Film, Shakespeare, and Playwriting. All our remedial language arts teachers utilize the Spector Phonics program, along with an individualized approach to the needs of the student and an emphasis on writing. The upper level Literature courses are challenging, and emphasize themes, subtext, and character development, as well as writing about what was read.



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